It's been a few months since I've updated the Blog here again, but things have been happening all over the place here at Altered Ego Images.  We've had several great studio sessions with some of our local model friends, as well as a rockin' Halloween party with some awesome period costumes centered around an early 20th century theme.  I've also been taking care of a number of getting-a-business-started essentials, culminating today in finally getting my Professional Photographers of America (PPA) membership set up, which gives me access to a lot of resources that will be very helpful going forward.  Most importantly though, it also means AEI is now a fully licensed and insured photography studio, which has been my main goal in getting all this stuff set up.  Now I can concentrate more on refining my techniques, finding new models to work with, and getting started on reaching new clients for all aspects of my work.  I'll be working with my good friend Amanda at Owl Star Creative to redesign my business cards, and creating new brochures to distribute to local shops and businesses in the area to get the word out, and will also be relying on Trish from Piedmont Marketing Solutions to help us reach new customers and businesses in the area.

Old-Tyme Halloween Party

Untitled photo

College B&W Work, 1992-93

Self Portrait, 1992

Self Portrait, 1992

One thing that I loved when I first discovered photography in college was the black and white film work I did then.  I've been doing a lot of studying on lighting techniques and shooting styles recently, and I've decided I really want to do a bit of project work getting back to basics, with some simply but dramatically-lit black and white portrait sessions.  Some fantastic and entertaining teaching videos by Zack Arias, an excellent photographer out of Atlanta, have been a big inspiration on this project, and I look forward to digging into it in the next few months.

With this in mind, I am currently looking for new models to work with in the studio.  If any local working or aspiring models would be interested in doing a session like this, feel free to drop me a line and we'll work out the details.  These sessions would be on a Trade-For-Digital-Images basis, Hair and Make-Up Ready, and would generally only take an hour or so.  Prints would of course be available as well.

So that's about it for now, things are moving forward steadily but there is still a lot of work to be done.  The winter months are generally pretty slow in the photo biz, so I'll have some time to work on the studio, refine my business and marketing plans, and to keep learning new things about lighting and shooting techniques as I continue to develop my own style.  One of the things I really enjoy about photography is there is always more to learn, and I love discovering new tricks and techniques.  I hope you'll all join me in this journey, schedule a session so we can create something awesome!

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