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Altered Ego Images is a portrait and boudoir photography studio located in our home in northeast Charlotte, NC.  We specialize in dramatic and cinematic photography, inspired by the styles of classic Hollywood cinema, as well as classical fine art.  We believe photography is a collaborative art, and work with our subjects to bring out parts of themselves they want to express, even if it's not their everyday selves.  We encourage costuming, vintage and pin-up themes, and enjoy coming up with creative ways to explore different sides of someone's personality.  We feel this can be not only a lot of fun, but also very liberating and empowering, whether through a risque boudoir session or a dramatic themed portrait.  Sometimes we all need to express our Altered Ego.

Scott Grube has a BA in Fine Arts from Moravian College, where he studied painting and sculpture before discovering black & white film photography in 1992-93.  With the advent of digital, he was able to rekindle his love of photography doing live event photography for several years, before moving to studio photography and beginning to refine his craft and style.  Besides photography, Scott is also a technology enthusiast, tabletop and video game addict, avid movie buff, and general all-around nerd.