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Altered Ego Images is about expressing your "Other I", whether one you show the world every day, or one you've kept hidden and want to set loose! Everyone has a part of them that's just a bit unusual or different, and we embrace and celebrate that, and want to help capture it and show the world! Our focus is on studio photography in our northeast Charlotte location, specializing in Boudoir, Glamour, Portraiture and Cosplay.

MetalWarlokk Photography has been shooting shows and bands in the Charlotte area since 2009, focusing primarily on unsigned rock and metal bands in the local scene. They are featured in several online music sites including NC13 Music News, NoDa Nites, The Pit Unsigned and Ryze-Up Magazine.

Scott Grube has a BA in Fine Arts from Moravian College, where he first discovered black & white film photography in 1992-93. With the advent of digital, he was able to rekindle his love of photography and jumped head-first into the local music scene, and later transitioned to studio photography. He is an avid PC and tabletop gamer, fantasy/sci-fi enthusiast, music lover, and an all-around nerd.